This is catta what it sounds like

Listen to my curated mixtapes from 2017 until today. 

The Hangout Mixtapes

Mixtaping is one of my favorite things to do. Let’s not be mistaken, I’m not talking about mixtapes in a romantic movie kind of way. I am talking about the modern age type of mixtapes aka Spotify playlists. I made a Spotify mixtape every year since 2017 and I keep adding music almost on a daily basis. There is no certain type of music I like, I’m almost an universalist when it comes to music. I’m always on the hunt for new and old songs, that remind me of something. I create the yearly mixtape which is something like a best of of year x and I have genre and mood playlists too. Today I want to share a few of them with you. 

Mixtape 2022

A year with lots of ups and downs, as you can also hear on this mix. Dark synth sounds and 70s afrobeat meet on this mix. Weird but in a good way, at least in my opinion.

Mixtape 2021

Another year of lockdowns and hope. Again packed with a lot of different tunes from completely different genres.
But still kind of fitting together.


A collection of electronic music from different genres.
From fast to slow paced. Reminds me of: good old club days.

Mixtape 2020

What a crazy year it has been, a lot of time to find and listen to new music from artists well known and others not so much, but great nonetheless.

Mixtape 2019

2019 was a strong year for rap and hip hop apparently.
At least in my book. With music from Denzel Himself to James Blake, who the hip hop world seems to love as well.

The Happy Playlist

Crazy times call for crazy measures. Not so crazy is the idea of a playlist with songs that make me happy on a daily basis, or is it?

Mixtape 2018

2018 has been a strong year, coming at you with almost 250 songs, this mixtape holds something for probably everyone. From Alt-J to Zak Abel, with classics like NAS and many more of course.

Mixtape 2017

My first yearly mixtape, a fusion of tunes from series such as Twin Peaks, a lot of slow jams and R&B tracks.
But also anything in between genres.

Indie We Trust

Kind of a nostalgic approach to the days of my youth, with all my favorite indie songs.