Rundum Glücklich

Rundum Glücklich Project Brand development for „Rundum Glücklich“, a independent project revolving around pregnancy care and treatment. Images:

Unabhängige Gewerkschafter*innen

Creation of a new logo design fpr the umbrella brand “Unabhängige Gewerkschafter*innen“, a independent labor union in Austria.


AKGleich Title

Arbeitskreis für Gleichbehandlungsfragen Project Logo design and character development for the Equal Opportunities Working Party of the University of Vienna. The logo is simple and easy to decode, the equal opportunities and gender inclusion is symbolized by the two parallel lines, showing an equal sign. Equality in action The equal sign is used in illustrations […]

Beach Woman

Beach Woman Project A small illustration series catching the aesthetics of modern, well-traveled women on the beach. More projects



mehrspielraum Project Corporate design for mehrspielraum by Thomas Humberg. A health coach and nutritionist from Vienna. mehrspielraum mehrspielraum mehrspielraum is the brand name of health coach Thomas Humberg, whose primary expertise lies in training and nutrition. The brand name mehrspielraum is meant to summarize the philosophy of helping people gain play in health: for example gaining […]


SHE*Talks Project Logo design for SHE*Talks, a panel talk for women* at the Law University of Vienna  SHE*talks is a panel talk event for women* that takes place several times a year at Vienna’s law school. At each event there is a female speaker with a professional background in law, politics, or journalism, who speaks about her personal […]


Vihanna Project Brand development for the DJ collective Vihanna – a group of DJs from Vienna who founded Vihanna in 2012 to change the boring state of Viennese night life. They accomplished to create one of the best underground party series at that time with a huge passion for hip-hop and good electronic music. © pictures by Jojo […]