Who is catta?

I’m Catherine Asengua, a twenty-seven-year-old graphic designer living in Vienna, Austria.

Currently, I work as an art director in the b2c marketing section of a big publishing house in Vienna.

For more than five years I have been continuously working for advertising agencies. I started my dual apprenticeship for media communication and for media design in 2009 and finished it in 2013. Therefore, my career in advertising started over ten years ago.

After completing my apprenticeship, I moved to the town of Innsbruck in the Tyrolean alps where I worked at the fashion retailer COS for the first two years. Additionally to that, I worked at a small web design agency in Innsbruck where I mostly created screen designs, worked in SEO and also as a copywriter. I started working full-time for luna.agency, which specialized on events.

After three years in Innsbruck, I decided to move back to my hometown Vienna, the capital of Austria. There, I started working for the communication agency comm.ag, which focused on luxury real estate marketing. I was able to deepen my knowledge for high-end design during my time there. My last job was at the advertising agency saintstephens, where I worked for several clients such as MILLENNIUM City, TÜV Süd, ARA and many more.

Additional information

I speak German and English fluently, I tried to learn Italian, but failed multiple times – scusa!

I am available for work, and if you would like to see more of my portfolio spanning the past ten years, do not hesitate to contact me. I have more to offer than what is shown here, I promise! 🙂

Projects I worked on for saintstephens

KIR Driving Operations for BMW Switzerland: Art direction and creation of the project „carla“ – an e-mobility carsharing app for Switzerland. Logo design, web design, UI and UX design.

KIR Immobilien: Art direction and creation of the project „wedewolo“– a digital platform to sell real estate easily. Logo design, corporate design, web design, UI and UX design.

MILLENNIUM City: Art direction and creation for communication design for print and web, campaign subjects, POS formats, out-of-home campaigns, graphic content for the website, and merchandising.

Vienna International Engineers: Art direction and creation for the property developer VI-Engineers’ projects La Vie En Rose and Wald- und Seequartier Velm. Web design, social media, print design, POS formats, out-of-home campaigns and animation.

I have been involved as an art director in projects for the following clients: ARA, Esbjerg, Freeeway, Hackl Container, Heydorn, TÜV Süd, Wirth and more.